Retina Specialist or Vitreo Retina (VR) Surgeon or Ophthalmologist in Mumbai

If you are looking for an eye specialist or a VR surgeon in Mumbai on a weekday then you have quite a few options, Soni Eye Care Center & Super Speciality Retina Center, Mulund being one of them. But if you happen to search for a Retina Specialist or a qualified Ophthalmologist on a Sunday then your options are next to zero.

We at Soni Eye Care Center, Mulund realised this deficiency in retina or eye care. To rectify it We have started opening our OPDs on all public holidays and Sundays. Now people of Mumbai have the option to consult a Retina specialist even on Sunday. This is a boon for all those who have very busy schedule.

Elderly or geriatric eye care patients need some one to accompany them. Consulting on Sunday helps in meeting the demands of such senior citizens. Diseases like ARMD, Cataract, macular edema, Vein occlusion need retina evaluation.

OPD is not open throughout the day. But you can fix an appointment and we are ready to serve you.

Now you can get your Retina scans like OCT, Fundus examination, Perimetry, Fundus angiography (FFA), B scan done on a Sunday. And all this right in the heart of Mumbai, i.e. Mulund.

We also offer procedures on Sunday like LASER PRP, Diabetic Laser, Barrage Laser and focal laser on Sundays. This is helpful for patients suffering from Diabetic eye disease or Diabetic Retinopathy as there treatment is not delayed. Injections in the eyes like intravitreal Avastin, Accentrix, Ozurdex, Eylea, Pagenex, Ranibizumab can be easily planned on a Sunday. Thus the recovery time is also spent on a holiday and you are ready to go for work on Monday.

Even Pre Lasik work up or Pre lasik Retina evaluation or Lasik fitness can be done on Sunday.

Not just Mumbai, residents form Thane, kalyan and navi mumbai also have an option to experience expert care on Sunday. Now you don’t need to take a day off from your work to visit retina specialist.

Sunday OPD is quicker as number of patients are less. The waiting time for meeting Dr. Anuj Soni on Sunday is lesser. Also since we have 2 retina specialists your appointment can be very well managed.

Emergency eye care is also unmet need that our Eye specialist deal on Sunday. Since many patients have to visit general hospitals for their eye problems like Foreign bodies and eye injuries.

Pediatric eye check can be done on Sunday. Generally child eye chek ups need both parents as children tend to be scared of meeting the eye doctor. So Sunday offers best time for both parents to focus on their Childs eye health. Refraction and fundus examination can take place at peace and slow pace.

So now there is no excuse to not to meet a VR surgeon or an Ophthalmoligist. If weekdays are busy plan it on Sunday

We at Soni Eye Care Center & Super Speciality Retina Center would be ready to help you. Call us on 7715945144 today.