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Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR): Can Stress lead to Eye problems?

These days stress is a very casual word. From preschool to senior citizens everyone seem to be under some sort of stress. So can lead to eye problems, I will try to answer this question in this blog on Central Serous Retinopathy or CSR.

Yes, stress can affect the eyes. Contrary to what is popularly believed you will not get glasses or develop a refractive error because of stress. But at times the near glasses or presbyopia may develop early. More importantly it can affect your retina. It can lead to swelling in the eyes known as Central Serous Retinopathy or popularly known as CSR.

What is Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)?

CSR is a condition in which there is swelling over the macula ( Central area of retina responsible for vision). This swelling cause blurring of the vision. It can affect one eye or rarely both eyes. Generally patient complain of seeing a dark black halo in the centre of vision. They also may complain of seeing straight lines as bent. Some people have symptoms of metamorphopsia or put in simple words objects and words appear smaller or bigger than usual.

What are major symptoms of CSR?

CSR does not lead to any redness, pain or watering. It is common in middle aged people. Classically people with ambitious nature, short temperament are more commonly affected than people with laid back attitude. It is more common in males, but females can also be affected.

People who use steroids have more chances of developing CSR. Patients suffering from Bronchial Asthma, Rheumatoid or other arthritis and skin ailments are generally treated with steroids hence have more chances of being affected.

What treatment is available for CSR?

It is a disorder of retina hence needs to be treated by a Retina specialist. Generally the eye examination is normal and patient may develop a small (-) minus number. If at this point retina is not checked the diagnosis may be missed. Retina specialist checks the retina with a dilated fundus examination and sees signs of macular edema or swelling in the retina.

Investigations like an Optical coherence Tomography (OCT), Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) may be need to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment generally involves stopping steroids and reducing stress. In cases where swelling does not reduce Retina laser or intravitreal injections in the eye may be needed. Sometimes even tablets are started.

Where can we get treatment for CSR?

All these problems can be prevented by avoiding stress. We at Soni Eye Care Center, Mulund see this problem quite often. Our Retina specialist Dr. Anuj Soni likes to treat this holistically. Sometimes patients are even advised meditation and other relaxing exercises.

Our center in Mulund, Mumbai is quipped with OCT and FFA and Retinal green laser. Most of our patients are from the Mumbai suburbs. IT population of Mumbai is on rise and Mulund sees a lot of IT employees. Also poor sleeping pattern could add up to the stress.

So yes eyes can be affected by stress. As always prevention is better than cure. If you ever start seeing symptoms of blurring get in touch with your retina specialist. If you are near Mulund, Mumbai then visit Soni Eye Care center, Mulund’s first and only dedicated retina clinic

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