Retina Examination or Retina Test in Mumbai

Retina Examination or Retina Check up – All you need to know

Retina check up or Retina examination is one of the most important and most neglected examination. Retina check up not only tells about the health of our eyes it is also a mirror to our general health and well being. Let’s understand this crucial eye test in detail.

What is Retina test or Retina check up?

Retina is the back part of the eye which is responsible for our vision. It is known as ‘आखो का परदा’.

It function as the film of camera and all images are formed in the Retina. For simplifying and better understanding it is also commonly known as the nerve or ‘आखो की नस’

During eye testing, retina is visualise by special instruments known as Ophthalmoscope. Since eye is a globe, retina is examined in 360 degrees.

Retina consists of blood vessels, nerves and macula. Any signs of bleeding, swelling, edema, haemorrhage, clot or weakness of the nerves are checked.

Why should I check my retina? What is the need for a Retina examination? I have got my eyes tested should I still get a retina check up? I recently changed my glasses should I still get my retina checked ?

Retina check up is one of the most important and most neglected examination. Retina check up not only tells about the health of our eyes it is also a mirror to our general health and well being.

Retina check up tell us if out nerves are strong, if there are any holes or weakness in our eyes.

Even if you have 100% vision and can see clearly still there may be changes in your retina which can be treated and diagnosed early to prevent vision loss in future.

Diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, Arthritis, Heart disease, Stroke or paralysis, infections like Tuberculosis, Cancer can be detected just by checking the retina.

Also these disease affect the retina and can lead to decrease in vision in the long run.

Retina check up not only helps in diagnosing these diseases it also prevents vision loss

People with high spectacle number, high refractive error, High Myopia or Near sightedness have chances of weakness in their retina. This weakness can lead to formation of holes or can even tear tear the retina leading to Retinal detachment. If the retina detaches patient needs urgent surgery and vision may not recover fully. Hence to prevent such catastrophe a Retina check uo is mandatory.

Basically Retina check up ise needed for everyone young and old, with or without disease, with or without eye problems.

You need to check your retina even if you have had a recent eye check up or recently checked your number.

How to check my retina? How is a retina check up done?

A retina check up is done by putting drops in your eyes to dilate your pupil. Hence this is also known as dilated eye check up or Dilated Retina check up.

These drops take around 20 – 40 minutes for their effect. After the eyes are dilated your eyes are checked by throwing light on to your eyes from an Ophthalmoscope.

In earlier days Ophthalmoscope used tube held in the hand, but the latest technique involves wearing it on the head and holding a lens in the hand.

If the Retina specialist finds any areas of bleeding, swelling or weakness he may advice further tests like OCT, angiography or a sonography.

Most people get confused if they need to do a retina check up and as operate eye check up for other problems like number or spectacles. The answer is no, during a retina check up your entire eye from front to back are checked. Your glass power, your eye pressure, status  of lens or cataract. So basically your cornea, glaucoma and cataract are also screened when checking the retina.

Where Can I Get a Retina Check up done

Retina check up is done by qualified Retina specialists or VitreoRetina (VR) Surgeons. You can check locally. Retina check up in Mumbai is done at Soni Eye Care Center & Superspeciality Retina Clinic, Mulund daily. Dr. Anuj Soni is qualified and one of the best VR surgeon in Mumbai and you can visit him for all your Retina related problems. Clinic is easily accessible form Navi Mumbai and Thane.

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