Intravitreal Injections

Intravitreal Injections

Intravitreal Injections are injections given in the eye or commonly called as injections in the retina. In hindi they are known as “Aankhon ka injection or Parde main injection”

These injections are given in the eye for various conditions which cause swelling and bleeding in the eye.

What are the types of  intravitreal injections available in India

There are many injections available commonly sharing injections like AVASTIN ( Bevacizumab), Indian injections like Ranizurel, Visumab, Razumab ( Biosimilar Ranibizumab) or imported injections like Accentrix / Lucentis (Ranibizumab), Eylea (Aflibercept), Peganex ( Brolucizumab) and Steroid implant like Ozurdex (Dexamethsasone)

Avastin is a shared injection. Meaning multiple people are injected from one bottle of injection. This reduces cost but there may risk of infections. Also Avastin is not designed to be given in the eye, hence rarely there can be some reactions

Indian Injections are copies of original injection Lucentis/ Accentrix. They work equally well, but research is limited in these drugs. They are comparatively cheaper than imported drugs.

Imported injections are produced by major MNCs like Novartis, Bayer and Allergan. These injections are thoroughly researched and are very safe. The cost is higher for these drugs.

How long do intravitreal injections last?

How many intravitreal injections will I need to cure my swelling?

Generally intravitreal injections last for 28 days, newer molecules like Eylea and Peganex have been found to last around 2 to 3 months in some cases. Duration on treatment depends on severity of disease and other factors. Some patients may need just one injection while others may need even more than 3. It is wrong belief that if you take one injection you cannot stop.

In which conditions is intravitreal injection given in the eyes?

Intravitreal injections are used in cases of swelling or bleeding. Swelling or bleeding  may be due macular edema because  Diabetes, Blood pressure, Age related macular degeneration, vein blockage or occlusion, clots, inflammation or cme after surgery.

Other causes like arthritis, tuberculosis, uveitis and infections may need injection

 What is the cost of intravitreal injections?

Cost ranges from type of injection. Avastin injection is cheaper starting form 8000 -12000 for each injection going unto 60000 for imported injections

What are the side effects of intravitreal injection?

Intravitreal Injections are very safe. We at Soni eye are center have given hundreds of intravitreal injections at our mulund branch without any complications. The side effects are similar to any injection given in our body like redness, infection and pressure rise. Most of the times these can be managed just with drops and in rare case may need surgery

Are Intravitreal injections painful?

What are the precautions needed after intravitreal injections?

Do I need rest after intravitreal injection in the eye?

Intravitreal injections are painless, some patients experience little pricing sensation when injection is given in the eye. Anaesthetic drops are put to reduce any pain and discomfort. Injections in the eye are day care procedures and you don’t need to take any rest or extra precautions. Its just like going to a dentist without the pain of a dental treatment. Some times a patch may be put over your eyes. You can resume work after injections and don’t need to wear any special glasses. There can be slight heaviness and redness in the eyes after injections.

Which doctor gives intravitreal injection?

Where can in take intravitreal injections in Mumbai?

Any trained and experienced retina specialist can give you injections in the eye. Dr. Anuj soni regularly gives intravitreal injections in Mulund, Mumbai. You can schedule appointment for intravitreal injections in Mumbai,  Maharashtra, India by calling Soni Eye Care Center & Super Speciality Retina clinic, Mulund. 

We deal with Avastin, Ranizurel, Razumab, Visumab, Accentrix, Lucentis, Eylea, Pagenex, Ozurdex intravitreal injections in the eye in Mulund, Mumbai on daily basis.

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