Retinal Laser Surgery Photocoagulation Of The Eye at Soni Eye Care Clinic Mulund, Mumbai

Retinal Laser Surgery (Photocoagulation) of the Eye

Read This Blog To Know About FAQs About Laser Surgery Of Retina

What is laser surgery ? What is Pan Retinal Photocoagulation (PRP) laser

Retinal Laser Surgery Photocoagulation of the Eye at Sonieyecare by Dr Anuj Soni

Laser treatment of retina is a procedure by which  light energy in the form of laser is used to treat swelling and bleeding of retina. In fact calling it surgery would be wrong as it doesn’t involve any cutting or suturing. Laser spots are given in the eye which produces burns in the nerve and retina. This leads to reduction in swelling and bleeding in eye. Also it increases the strength of the retina thus reducing chances of retinal detachment

When is laser surgery done? Which disease are treated by laser

Laser PRP Is Done For Disease Like Blood Pressure (Hypertensive Retinopathy), Sugar Related Disorders (Diabetic Retinopathy), Clots In The Eye (Retinal Venous Occlusion), Bleeding In The Eye (Vitreous Haemorrhage), Holes In The Eyes Are Treated By Doing Barrage Laser To Prevent Retinal Detachment (Rd) And Swelling In The Nerves Or Retina (Macular Edema)

How much time does it take for laser treatment of eye ? Do I need to get admitted for retinal laser ?

Retinal laser surgery is a day care procedure, means you dont need to get admitted. There are no special preoperative procedures or blood tests that are needed before this. Since no cuts are made there are no special precautions that one needs to follow after laser.
Laser can be done in sitting or lying down position. Anaesthetic drops are put and no injection is needed. Procedure is painless and rarely some people may feel some pricky sensation or pain.
Each sitting of retinal laser lasts around 15- 20 minutes and about 100 to 1000 spots may be given.

How soon can i resume work after laser? What is the recovery time of laser? Is retinal laser same as Lasik? Will my number reduce after PRP Laser ?

Since no cuts are made patients can resume activity as soon as treatment is over. Some patients may find vision blurred because of the drops, but this also clears in 2 -3 hours. You can take bath and even swim after a retinal laser treatment.
Retinal laser or PRP is different from lasik. After this laser your number will not decrease and you will have to continue wearing your old pair of glasses.

How much does one sitting of retinal laser cost in India? Where can i get retinal laser treatment in Mumbai ? Which doctor does retinal laser in Mulund, Mumbai

Generally single session of laser costs around 2 – 5 thousand rupees. Laser treatment for retina, barrage laser, focal laser or pan retinal photocoagulation (PRP) is done at soni eye care center, mulund west daily. Dr. Anuj soni has experience of doing laser in thousands of eyes. You can take appointment for any retina laser treatment at Soni Eye Care Center & Super Speciality Retina Clinic, Panch Rasta, Mulund West, Mumbai.

What are side effects of Retinal Laser surgery?

Retinal laser surgery is very safe treatment option for the eyes. It is being practiced since past 3 decades. Some patients may have heaviness of eye or pain. Rarely there can be increase in swelling. Also some patients may complain loss of contrast or field of vision. Other than that generally it is a very safe procedure.

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