OCT or CT Scan of the Eye

OCT or CT scan of the EYE

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a very common test of the eye. It is one of the most advanced test of the Retina. And it is now available in Mulund, Mumbai

So as you know Retina is the most important part of our eye. In some disease there can be damage to the Retina which may lead to loss in vision. Oct is very  useful in such disorders as it gives information about the microscopic structure of the eye.

How is OCT done ?

OCT is performed by a specialised machine known as the OCT machine. It appears like a computerise gadget just like the one which is used to check our number. You need to place your chin in the machine and look inside the camera and the machine takes the scans of your Retina

Is OCT painful and time consuming test

OCT is a painless test and takes fraction of a second to get the scan.In young children or elderly where they find difficult in staying still the test may take more time. The report is available instantaneously and your doctor can diagnose your issues

When to get an OCT

OCT is one of the most commonest test ordered by your ophthalmologist or Retina Specialist. It is mainly used to see if there edema or selling of the retina.   Macular edema or swelling of the retina is a common reason for blurring of vision. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, Vein occlusion, Injury, Age Related Macular degeneration, Inflammation, Tuberculosis, Injury are some common reasons for swelling of the retina

Other reason is for ordering OCT is when we want to know the health of the retina. A thin Retina or macular atrophy may be arisen for poor vision.

In some cases because of ageing, injury or long standing swelling there may be development of a hole, which is known as Macular Hole. OCT is important in diagnosing and measuring macular hole

Not just retina OCT also helps in describing the structure of the Optic nerve. Nerve shows thinning in cases of neurological disorders like Optic atrophy, Brain stroke, tumours, multiple sclerosis, Optic neuritis and drug toxicity.

Other common reason for doing an OCT of the nerve is to diagnose and monitor Glaucoma. Glaucoma is silent but blinding disorder and apart from checking eye pressure and perimetry optic nerve is to be checked.

Recently OCT has been used to diagnose and monitor corneal disorders as well.

Is OCT expensive

Cost of doing OCT is cheaper than doing CT scan. It costs around INR1500 – 2000 in Mumbai, India. No special preparations are needed.

Where can I get an OCT scan near me

OCT scans are generally done at specialised eye centres which are dedicated to retina. If in Mumbai you can get OCT scan at Soni Eye Care Center, Panch Rasta, Mulund West. We are open through out the day. Our team of expert optometrist and Retina Specialist doctors will make it very smooth