Perimetry Eye Test Scan Mumbai

Understanding Perimetry Eye Tests: Diagnosis and Procedure

Learn about the importance of perimetry eye tests in diagnosing retina, optic nerve, and neurological disorders. Discover the procedure, cost, and where to get the best perimetry test in Mumbai.

What is Perimetry Eye Test?

Perimetry, also known as Humphrey Perimetry test, is a crucial scan for diagnosing various eye conditions such as Retina related problems, Neuro-Ophthalmological issues, and Glaucoma related optic nerve disorders. This test assesses the visual field to determine the extent of peripheral vision.

How is a Perimetry Test Done?

Perimetry testing is now automated, simplifying the process. During the test, you sit facing a bowl with multiple lights. You’ll be given a button to press upon seeing the lights, indicating your visual field.

How Long Does it Take?

The duration of a perimetry scan varies depending on the type of test and severity of damage, typically ranging from 7 to 15 minutes per eye.

Preparations Before a Perimetry Test

No specific preparations are needed for a perimetry test. It’s essential to be mentally alert and avoid fatigue or sleepiness. The test is conducted in a dark room with one eye patched, and you may pause it if necessary.

Perimetery Eye Test Scan in Mumbai - Diagnosis and Procedure

Perimetry Eye Test Scan in Mumbai

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Why is a Perimetry Test Done?

A perimetry test is vital for diagnosing retina function and optic nerve disorders like glaucoma. It can also aid in early detection of neurological conditions such as brain stroke, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors.

Cost of Perimetry Test

The cost of a perimetry test generally ranges from 1500 ₹ to 3000 ₹INR, depending on the type of test and the facility.

Who Needs to Check Their Visual Fields?

Individuals with glaucoma, family history of glaucoma, optic atrophy, retinal dystrophy, headache, eye movement pain, or a history of brain stroke or surgery should undergo a perimetry test.

Where to Get the Best Perimetry Test in Mumbai

Soni Eye Care Center in Mumbai offers the most trusted and gold standard Ziess Humphrey Perimeter machine for perimetry tests. You can schedule an appointment with our team of experienced ophthalmologists who specialize in retina and neuro-ophthalmological cases.

For appointments or to get your Perimetry Test Scan, call 7715945144.

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